Reports Released from CRPE Staff

"Fighting for Home in the Melting Arctic"

Vermont Journal of Environmental Law Volume 15 (2014).

By Madeline Stano

A Just Transition: Lessons Learned from the Environmental Justice Movement

4 Duke Forum for Law & Social Change 45 (2012)

By Caroline Farrell

SB115: California’s Response to Environmental Justice – Process over Substance

1 Golden Gate U. Envtl. L.J. 113 (2007)

By Caroline Farrell

Structural Racism, Structural Pollution and the Need for a New Paradigm

20 Wash. U.J.L. & Pol’y 265 (2006)

By Luke Cole and Caroline Farrell

Reports Released by CRPE

The Green Paper: A Community Vision for Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Development (2011)

Applying our "from the ground up" philosophy to issues of economic development, reducing pollution, and protecting public health, CRPE worked with grassroots leaders from low-income, rural communities in the Valley to develop their vision of the green economy.

Out of the green paper grew our beginning farmers program after the communities pinpointed a need for fresh produce, job training and income opportunities as their key needs for development.


Right Without A Remedy (2016)

"A Right Without a Remedy" discloses for the first time internal U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) documents which reveal EPA’s persistent unwillingness to enforce Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.


The People's Senate: Building a New Vision for DTSC (2014)

Founded on the principle that the residents most impacted must lead the conversation and make the decisions that affect their communities, the People's Senate is a coalition of residents impacted by the incompetence of Dept. of Toxic Substances Control. Tasked with protecting California from the harms of toxic exposure, DTSC has been failing at their duties and harming communities. In August 2014, the People's Senate released a report chronicling their stories and outlining their vision for reform at DTSC.

Selected Pieces by Luke Cole